Curtis and Toni Yankie, Montgomery, AL

"We have known Nikki for over 15 years. This made it an easy decision for us to reach out to her when we decided to explore our options on buying a house. Nikki did a great job researching and finding answers to our questions. After we told her what we were looking for in a house, she helped us locate a realtor (who has been great) in the area we are moving. Nikki was very responsive to all of our questions. She was very knowledgeable and professional. Highly recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell a house!"

Carl Hazel, Lakewood, WA

"Nikki would undoubtedly always be my first choice as an agent in any real estate market and I highly recommend her as your woman to represent you through the process. She will always deliver I'm sure just as she did in the decades of military service for any client with nothing but the top results period! On a more personal note, Nikki is in my opinion not just a client representative rather the type of person that you want to be around forever. The loving family persona and tough as nails business woman is her style and I believe when you sign on with Nikki you will not only receive the best in real property representation, you'll also get a friend beyond the closing of the deal. The best part of the deal IMHO may be Nikki!"

Andrew Beckmann, Ithaca, NY

"Nicole has a deep, analytical brain that can pick apart complex problems quickly and develop unique solutions. Her greatest talent, however, is that she is a kind, people-first leader. She always made sure I had the right resources to be successful!"